Welcome to Top10Archive! Were you the type of kid that rushed to the mailbox on your 11th birthday in hopes of receiving that life-changing acceptance letter into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Have you spent hours practicing Imperio on your siblings? Come join us on platform 9 ¾ and, while we await the Hogwarts Express, enjoy these top 10 facts about Harry Potter that even you may not know!

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10. The Influences That Lead to Harry Potter
9. The Road to Getting Published
8. The Embodiment of Depression
7. Rowling’s Personal Inspirations
6. The Missing Peeves
5. Michael Jackson Expands the Universe
4. The Goblet of Plot Holes
3. The Number Seven
2. What Their Names Could Have Been
1. The Death of Ron Weasley


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  1. The Harry Potter series, book and movie, got me through elementary school.
    Divorced parents, dying friends and family members, bullies.

  2. What about that author that sued her for copying her book “Larry Potter and
    the Muggles”? Did she just throw her a £million just to STFU?

    • Would have been a good story to tell! Got a bit nasty and, if I recall,
      involved blackmail at some point; but yes, the author didn’t get any money.

    • Hexen Jager Sort of. I just looked it up. It was two separate books by this
      author, The Legend of Rah and the Muggles, and Larry Potter and his best
      friend Lily. Rowlings publisher AND Time Warner shut down the suit and
      didn’t pay the other author a dime, claiming she fraudulently added
      “muggles” to the title in the book’s second print, not the 1984 original.

    • Top 10 Archive – Mark You could make redux videos about J.K. Rowling and/or
      Harry Potter.
      You could also make a video about Rowling’s non potterverse books and link
      them back to Rowling since her books are essentially autobiographical. Just
      a suggestion.

  3. She will often change the lore just so she can look politically correct —
    like when she made Hermine (however you spell the cunt’s name) into a black
    woman, claiming that she never said that she was white (even though she did
    and in the original draft picture she was made white as well)

    • Taymuraz Tsalikov lol I said what I need to say in my first comment. I am a
      Cunt! However, I am neither liberal nor gay but I wouldn’t be offended in
      the slightest if I was. Gay people and liberals are ok by me.

    • +Tiny Monkey You said what you needed to say but say nothing at all.
      Everything you said was rhetoric with most of it evading the topic at hand
      because you had nothing of worth to say.

      “retard, libtard and Cunt. ” are pretty accurate descriptions of you. Queer
      is probably another.

    • +Baby Wolf42 “It was the artist’s interpretation that made Hermione white
      on the covers, not Rowling”

      Again, Rowling had the final say on that. And since the artist made her
      white, it was also made into belief that she was white. Proving my point

    • Taymuraz Tsalikov I’m sorry I prefer honey over retard, libtard and Cunt.
      My bad. I must be a fucking psychopath. I said what I needed to say. I’m
      done now. Buy bye

    • Taymuraz Tsalikov It was the artist’s interpretation that made Hermione
      white on the covers, not Rowling. And it was the director’s interprtation
      of the play that made Hermione black, not Rowling. Also she never
      explicitly stated that Hermione was white in the books.

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