Welcome to Top10Archive! The longer we stay on Earth, the more apparent it becomes that maybe we should have a backup plan should we live long enough to completely dry ‘er up. On our quest to find the perfect place to call Second Home, we’ve come across these incredible exoplanets. Factoring in the Earth Similarity Index or ESI, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Earth-like planets discovered over the past decade.

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10. Kapteyn B
9. Gliese 667 Cc
8. Kepler 442b
7. Proxima B
6. Kepler 438b
5. Wolf 1061 c
4. Kepler 62 e
3. Kepler 62f
2. Kepler-186f
1. Kepler 452b


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  1. all these planets are all useless to us if we don’t even have a vessel that
    can travel the speed of light at one second let alone years , baloney

  2. What happens when you get there and people already occupy the place?
    Also if they are on much lower technology level than us, say like our
    homo-erectus ancestors, do we leave them alone or colonize their planet?

  3. What if the inhabitable ones are already inhabited by other beings, and we
    become the thing we fear the most. For example, in those alien invasion
    type movies we always get invaded, but once we lay waste on earth we invade
    another planet…Then we become the true aliens in theses movies.

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