Welcome to Top10Archive! At the end of each day, typically no matter what part of the world you’re in, a cratered orb illuminates the night sky. We know it best as our moon, but have you stopped to think what you really know about that natural satellite in the sky? Journey with us back into the deep of space for these 10 amazing facts about the moon!

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10. A Lunar Time Zone
9. Lunar Phases
8. Size of the Moon
7. Helium-3
6. Dennis Hope, Galactic Realtor
5. Lunar Conspiracies
4. Distancing Over Time
3. The Dark Side of the Moon
2. Lunar Seas
1. Colonizing the Moon

Mountain Jump – Coyote Hearing:

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    • We actually tossed this idea around last week, but couldn’t really find ten solid theories to warrant doing a video. That’s the issue we have having regulated ourselves strictly to “Ten” facts.

      We will, however, be covering black holes in some fashion!

    • It’s a belief that there has been no conclusive data for, and any study that alleges to support the theory has been flawed. People ignore the psychology behind it. We believe the full moon affects us and, therefore, it will.

      Yes, we are made up of a large fraction of water, but that amount is still minuscule compared to the tides that people continue to reference.

    • Top10Archive I’m myth about how it alters human behavior isn’t a myth,it turns the tides righ?…well dumb ass we mostly water plus there are stats so try a lil for fucks sake

  1. The shyster selling lunar real estate. And who would move to their new procession on Venus at temps that can melt metal and pressures that can crash. Does he have a bridge for sale?

  2. I was worried I was going to see a bunch of tin foil hat wearing jabronies in the comments. It’s actually not bad

  3. we are mostly water…the moon moves tides ….so it does effect us if that ain’t good enough…look at crime stats

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