Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive. Awe and wonder await us as we continue across the globe and make a stop in the South American country if Argentina! Brush up on your Spanish to enjoy a land of food, sport, and rich culture with these top ten amazing facts about Argentina!

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10. Cuisine of Argentina
9. Famous Argentines
8. Argentina and Sports
7. Argentina’s Traditional Dance
6. Argentina’s Sights to See
5. Festivals of Argentina
4. The origins of “Argentina”
3. Wildlife in Argentina
2. The shaping of modern Argentina
1. Argentina’s World Records


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  1. I’m surprised you forgot to mention the Pope on the celebrities section but, on the other hand, I’m also surprised you managed to put up a top 10 on Argentina with no negatives, lol.

  2. If you are going to do these, get a narrator who can pronounce the words. This guy’s pronunciation of Spanish words, including Buenos Aires, is pathetic!

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