Welcome to Top10Archive! Hello YouTube, Jim here! Throughout history, there are figures that stand out in the crowd of incredible contributors of their time for their insurmountable achievements. During the late 19th century, that praise went to Nikola Tesla – inventor, engineer, physicist, and futurist that devoted the bulk of his years to the advent of new beneficial and exciting creations. We’re looking into the incredible life of the man and inventory with these top ten facts about Nikola Tesla.

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10. The Ails of Nikola Tesla
9. Tesla’s Many Patents
8. Visions for the Future
7. Wardenclyffe Tower
6. Tesla the Environmentalist
5. War of the Currents
4. Government Interest
3. The Death Beam Payment
2. The Truth of Tesla’s Money
1. A Question of Nationality

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  2. Tesla had a secret weapon: Giant rey beam that can blast 300000000 volts and destroy “whatever Dafuq is in the air.”

    • Top10Archive you actually replied .-. omg… well, guess those hillbillies are “off the hill now.”

    • Haha! I don’t know if this is funny or I’m messed up, but I just envisioned some screaming hillbillies using a beam to shoot ducks out of the sky, and the ducks just disintegrate into white poofs of smoke… haha. Kind of like the movie “Mars Attacks!” if you ever seen that.

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