Welcome to Top10Archive! We may have touched on the Republic of Ireland in a past Archive, but we’re taking our travels a little north to the home of the Green and White Army. So join us on our journey through Norman castles and glacial valleys as we cover the top 10 Amazing facts about Northern Ireland!

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10. Fame of Northern Ireland
9. The Haunted North
8. The Strangest of Laws
7. Cuisine of Norn Iron
6. Largest Lake
5. Northern Ireland World Records
4. The RMS Titanic
3. Sunday Bloody Sunday
2. The Troubles
1. Forming of Northern Ireland


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    • +Oisín Considine and did u know that Beal Feirste ( Irish for Belfast) means mouth of the river ( the fairste)

    • Sean Mulligan calm down, but please, never ever call it Londonderry, the proper name is Derry which derives from the Gaelic name of Doire.

    • Sean Mulligan I think you may have overreacted this. Everyone has their choice on what they call what, and there’s a reason news weather forecasts show both.

      Grow the fuck up

  1. Hahahashahahahahahahaha fucking hell these guys dont get the pronunciation right with some of the towns and words.
    Its nice to see Northern Ireland getting some recognition.
    All these people living in the past, commenting stupid sectarian bullshit should learn to read a book and see what this division has caused. Grow the fuck up. Both sides of the train tracks, bunch of fucking gluebags.

  2. Years ago, Ireland was just chillin (including NI) and then a bunch of retarded english people kill millions of us for fuckin land and they call northern IRELAND and they think we’re supposed to be ok with millions of Irish people dead


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