Welcome to Top10Archive! Hello YouTube, Jim here! Have you ever accidentally done something really cool? We’re talking about those moments where you amazed even yourself and were ticked that nobody was around to see it? Like when you mean to make homemade macaroni and cheese and accidentally formulate the cure for the common cold! Hasn’t happened to you, yet? Well, then we’ll wait to include you in this installment, which is all about 10 Amazing Inventions Discovered by Mistake!

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10. Potato Chips
9. Silly Putty
8. Gunpowder
7. The Microwave
6. Safety Glass
5. The Forever Battery
4. X-Rays
3. Ferrock Concrete Substitute
2. Implantable Pacemaker
1. Penicillin

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  1. penicillin saved lives but do not use it until youre going to die. but use is to prevent death, and your genetics. please never use antibiotics unless its a last resort, if you dont use it youll be stronger and powerful like spiderman

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