Welcome to Top10Archive! We’ve covered England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland in their own separate installments, so it only seems the next logical step would be to pull back on the map a bit and take a look at the sovereign state these countries make up – the United Kingdom. Here are 10 amazing facts encompassing all that makes the United Kingdom historically important and rich with culture.

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10. Architecture Throughout the Ages
9. Folklore Across the UK
8. Sports of the United Kingdom
7. Pre-Historic Settlement of the United Kingdom
6. Who are the British?
5. Population of the UK
4. How the United Kingdom is Governed
3. Wars of the United Kingdom
2. Britain Leads the Industrial Revolution
1. Brexit

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  1. bullshit Britain has the fourth best military in the world France and India arnt better, and the only reason China an India are even in the top ten is be wise their army’s are just cannon fodder!

  2. You forgot the chavs on the corner of the street getting drunk all day and smoking their lungs out with benefit money that’s supposed to be for their kids and they blame immigrants for taking the jobs when they dropped out of school in year 7.

  3. Ice Hockey???? HORSE HOCKEY, we don’t do ice hockey here , though we do pretty good with lawn hockey, guys get it right

    • Top 10 Archive – Mark yes. That’s about right , though the American soccer league is still way bigger than our ice hockey , some 85% of the ice hockey players in that league are Americans,

    • Huh, that is interesting. I guess it’s the same way as the U.S. and football. We have a league, but it’s overshadowed by just about every other sport.

    • Top 10 Archive – Mark here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia page for the league, you might find interesting

      Ice hockey receives little national media coverage in the United Kingdom. Some national newspapers list results and provide short summaries of the league’s news but more extensive coverage remains minimal.

    • Top 10 Archive – Mark this is a new league set up in 2003, and not a major sport in the U.K. , as you claimed , our biggest sports are Football, Rugby, Cricket, And Tennis, we used to have a huge Speedway league , but that went downhill in the 80’s , and we also have a large following for motorsport

    • You don’t do Ice Hockey? Don’t you have something called the Elite Ice Hockey League?

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