Welcome to Top10Archive! In 2012, the fast food chain entered an “Age of Transparency.” No longer would it hide grotesque secrets about its food, forcing the chain to turn to healthier alternatives a fast food joint could be proud of. Despite their efforts, however, we’re still able to drudge up these ten facts that they probably don’t want you to know!

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10. Not the Largest Fast Food Chain
9. Extra Ingredients
8. Sugar Galore
7. Tax Avoidance
6. Federal Bailouts
5. Cage-Free Calamity
4. Abused Birds
3. Employee Warning
2. The McDonald’s Addiction
1. The “Healthier” Options


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  1. No point dissing the fast food chains for their food having “high” sodium/sugar/fat/Calorie levels – for example when i eat food at home, i dont care how much sodium/sugar/fat/clories i have. i never calculate it. heck why should i . its not like nobody lives for ever. and sooner or later IF your LUCKY , you will die with some sort of heart disease/failure at old-age of over 70 years old.

    besides none of you who think your eating healthy and think thats gona help you live longer- while you miight get to 80,90, 100,110 years old. what can elders do? other than sit in wheel chair . unless you are some chiense kun fu master who lived in the mountains or if your some Gym freak like Arnold who is still trying his best to keep hismelf best shape at over 70 years old , but look at him, nobody escapes aging, year by yaer he loses muscle- no matter what he does – but sure he will have much much more than your avredge grampa but dosent change the fact that Health and physical condition will drop with age

    i rather die at sound age of 70 and have lived my life the way i wanted – not by how other people suggested –

    we got over population on the world enough allready

  2. I haven’t eat there in over 20 years. I wish everybody else would stop eating at fast food places like this one for ethical reasons and for their health. Can everybody just wake up and stop eating there?

  3. Why am I watching videos about foods right now when I can’t eat anything (got my wisdom teeth removed)…. No matter how gross the facts might be, seeing food still makes me hungry.

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