North Korea is notoriously secluded. But what secrets lie within this country that is so often described as ruthless and even abhorrent? Alltime10s brings you 10 shocking facts about North Korea.

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  1. So it’s nazi Germany’s in 2016…sick….although watching FunforLouis Vlog
    earlier this year it’s doesn’t seem that bad

  2. It’s crazy to think such a place exists in these modern times. They
    seriously need some form of help. They need to assassinate the leaders
    until one comes up that is willing to reform.

  3. How the fuck big fucking amount of soldiers and civilians are following
    this fat cunt like seriously cant they all just repel against him and live
    better life for real this fuck face killed his own uncle so that means he
    doesnt give a fuck about any of his soldiers

    • Of course. The only korea you’re able to visit is South Korea. Now, thats
      the country. North Korea isnt. The village is shithole, no internet, cruel
      punishments and under that fat fuckhead’s law, you cant go in and you cant
      come out of that dickhole of a country

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