“Whenever you step onto a plane, you’re effectively putting your life in the hands of the person flying it.

But is that wise? Find out here with AllTime10s, as they bring you 10 Shocking Facts Airlines Don’t Want You To Know. ”

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  1. 7:43, but then I thought that for 1 hours of flight, there will be 10 hours
    of maintenance and the fact that planes have 30 min safety checks, and they
    need to make sure the millions of moving parts, no matter how insignificant
    they appear is in top notch condition

  2. I think overbooking is not necessarily annoying if overbooking is banked
    right, you won’t even feel anything, but if done wrong, that’s what makes
    it annoying, because you can now get booked out, so attention, all
    airlines, do your math, or else!!

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