Is there anybody out there? Astronomers and physicists and constantly listening to the skies and sometimes blips, signals and mysterious light emissions get picked up that we just can’t explain. Could they be coming from alien civilisations trying to get in touch? Alltime10s investigates.

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  1. I’m from Puerto Rico and we have the biggest observatory in the world!
    Surprising for such a small island!

  2. The WOW signal has been solved actually. They found out it came from a
    microwave oven. If I recall the microwave if door was open while in
    operation. Had let out emissions briefly. (Hence why your NOT supposed to
    open a running microwave for this reason) Don’t be lazy- simply hit
    cancel/stop or whatever.

  3. If aliens are real, i hope we will not just kill them. I hope we could be
    allies with them : )
    And i am serious about this, i am not just saying this for likes

  4. The weirdest signal i received from space is This-Is-A-RoBbery-giv3
    -u5-4ll_m0n3y. weird huh?

  5. yea, it would be really nice if us would spend 600 bln $ on NASA and SETI
    instead of military, we might be on mars already.

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