There are an estimated 4,200 different religions around the world, meaning that planet Earth is home to some really varied practices… some of which are pretty weird. Alltime10s brings you some of the most disturbing religious ceremonies we could find but be warned – this one is not for the faint-hearted.

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  1. Female genital mutilation is horrible but circumcision? It’s fine because
    it’s happened for so long

  2. If mgm was equal to fgm then we’d cut off the head of the penis (the
    physical equivalent of cutting off the external clitoris)… and it would
    be super dangerous with up to 33% of little boys dying due to the
    procedure. I get that you’re all salty because you don’t have your
    foreskins anymore but try to have a little perspective and realize that in
    this case women have it much worse than you.

  3. Why wasn’t male circumcision on the list? It seems pretty disturbing that a
    rabbi will bite the foreskin off of a babies penis… It shocks me female
    genital mutilation is on the list, but not male circumcision. They’re both
    equally as disgusting.

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