Welcome to Top10Archive! Our world is shrouded in curiosities and mysteries that seem impossible to unravel. Even the brightest of minds and most cunning of wits have been unable to unfold the most pressing of obscurities. In this puzzling Archive, we’ll look at the world’s most pressing mysteries that, for now, at least, have remained impossible to solve.

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10. Prahlad Jani
9. The Sculpture of Kryptos
8. The Oakville Blobs
7. The Shugborough Code
6. Kuldhara
5. Gobekli Tepe
4. Rongorongo
3. Redpath Mansion Murders
2. The Roanoke Colony
1. The Dancing Plague

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  1. Do you have any theories about these unsolved mysteries? Have an idea for a future top 10 video?!

    • How interesting! Can’t believe this wasn’t in the top search results when I was pulling info for this.

      Does sound like there’s still a little speculation still, but it seems like a viable answer.

  2. wow, that’s crazy! Who knows how much longer it’ll take for these mysteries to be solved, even with today technology! o.o…

  3. no.2 was actually already solved with the conclusion that there was a conflict in the village and the people split up to 3 groups all leaving the area since some remains of the people were actually found north of the location.

    no1. could be related to when those when your yawning even if you are not sleepy when you see someone yawn you will too but it seems to be a far worse.

  4. ?

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