Are radioactive pigs taking over Japan? Could we be on the brink of courts operated by robo-judges? Is your gluten-free diet killing you? Find out in this week’s ‘10 News Stories You Missed’.

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    • i don’t think you guys missed anything but, i don’t want to know how many people are having sex or how many people aren’t having sex.

    • Alltime10s those news are so great guys pls keep it up, cause I’m love this new series and I love all your vids and especially you guys!

  1. This Braeon material is better described as ‘plasteel’ .. steel-material in form and pliability of plastic.

  2. the only reason there are more Hispanics and blacks in prison is cause Hispanics and blacks commit more crime. this is the case in our developed countries because the come from a violent or a disturbing upbringing

  3. Climate change has nothing to do with human actions. It hasn’t been proved. You’re all jut brainwashed to believe it. Politicians use it to fear monger and get retards that actually believe it to vote for them.

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