We live in an ever-changing world. And sometimes that change even means entirely new countries popping up. From a unified Korea to an independent Texas, AllTime10s presents 10 new countries that could exist in 10 years.

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  1. Calexit ain’t going to happen. Nobody where I live even talks about it or take it seriously and we are split on a lot of issues. City outright said no to being a sanctuary, supports cops, the military, etc…and is more on the conservative side. Also the leader of the movement isn’t from California or even lives here not! Suspicious if you ask me.

  2. As a Texan I will tell you that Texit is honestly just talk. I would be surprised if it happened.

  3. First, people born in California and now live somewhere else in the US would lose citizenship. Second, THEIR IS NO WAY A NORTH KOREA REVOULTION IS HAPPENING. Third, Hitler was stupid and dumb af

  4. The Texas secession meme is dead now that Obama is out of office and Californians only want to secede all of a sudden because of Trump. Both movements are joke. Calexit was actually started by a Russian, and liberal Californians hate Russians because they still believe the lie that they hacked the election.

  5. It’s funny how massive media considers countries like Syria to have a ‘regime’ (while in reality Assad was democratically elected by the 80% of the population, twice); while Saudi Arabia (to give an example) is a peaceful and harmonious capitalist utopia (while in reality they are the only country left in the world to have a totalitarian monarchy). But oh well, surprise surprise, it’s also because they are economic partners (more like lovers) with USA. So they must have freedom and shit… Right?

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