With global warming and political unrest, the chances of humans surviving to a Star Trek-like utopia seem to get slimmer every year.

In today’s video we look at 10 terrifying reasons why humanity definitely won’t live to see the light of the Year 3000.

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  1. Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who watches our videos!!! We really appreciate it.. 😀

    • Alltime10s
      You should do a video of 10 things that could increase the life span of humans (if you already haven’t).

    • Alltime10s my great great great 10 great grandchildren and my descendants will be living off world far away from earth as possible in a 1000 years from now. Stop worrying about things you can’t control Alltime10s. Enough with the fear mongering. Every little thing will be alright

    • The worst part about it all -the actions of a greedy tiny few will be the driving force behind most of these events.

  2. it’s illegal to feed homeless people but it’s OK to develop deadly viruses ???? i hope humans are at the top of this list

  3. in 1000 years humans will become technologically advanced colonaize other planets and massarcre innocent alien civilization

  4. Who the fuck cares if humans go extinct in 1000 years?
    Let those who will live around that time worry about it.

  5. everybody wants a new Planet to destroy … lovely… just fix the real Problems on earth First before you make a new failure… (and yes my english is pretty Bad)

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