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What is the biggest dinosaur in the world? What is the tallest dinosaur? The biggest water dinosaur? Well, between the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giganotosaurus and Titanoceratops, these prehistoric creatures may be extinct animals, but they can still be scary big dinosaurs. WatchMojo counts down ten of the largest dinosaurs to have ever lived.

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#10: Quetzalcoatlus
#9: Gigantoraptor
#8: Titanoceratops
#7: Magnapaulia
#6: Tyrannosaurus Rex
#5: Paralititan
#4: Giganotosaurus
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I’m Tired Of Watchmojo… ,They already Made about Dinosaur commentary before… They made It Again…. what a uselless Time watching this
    Of course That Thumbnail… That Fucking Jurassic World Thumbnail dinosaur

  2. I like Tyrannosaurus Rex. The most badass dinosaur 2 EVER exist :). Also, idk this for sure but wouldn’t T-Rex actually beat Spinosaurus in a fight. I heard that Spino was thin and T-Rex is big boned w/ bone crushing teeth and if it bites the Spino’s neck, it’s pretty much game over. Also, couldn’t T-Rex push the Spino on to the ground and break it’s back causing the Spino to die? I’m not saying this is what i know, I’m just saying of what I heard from. Please correct me if I’m wrong :).

  3. Top 10 wachmojo fails in this video
    10. not a dinosaur
    9. teeth do not a carnivore make
    8. Triceratops is larger
    7. Magnipaulia is generally estimated as 41 feet long,
    6. GDIs of Sue have pointed to the largest specimens of tyrannosaurus outweighing the largest known specimens of every theropod.
    5. Paralititan was an odd pick given the multitude of larger, more complete, and better known titanosaurs, but not necessarily a fail.
    4. Given that we have less fossil data from giganotosaurus it does bump up the ‘average’, but there are at least 6 specimens larger than giganotosaurus. (sue, tristan, king kong, scotty, sampson, cm9380, amnh5027, plus several fragmentary specimens. giga was just built lighter.
    3. 40 tonnes is the new consensus IIRC.
    2. We do not have enough data to construct a whole spinosaurus, but using the Ibrahim reconstruction, it’s quite likely spinosaurus was not as large as T. rex. no theropod has ever been reliably calculated to weigh more than 10 tonnes. sarchosuchus is a crocodile. it also might not have coexisted.
    1. argentinosaurus being the largest is debatable. the size was actually almost spot on

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