We all now Jurassic World took some liberties with its movie monsters, but it turns out your teachers might not have been much more accurate.

From the T-Rex’s much maligned arms to the velociraptor’s over-hyped brain power, here are 10 lies about dinosaurs you still believe.

Music – Landscapes by George Van Dyk and Jon Isbell

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  1. Close your eyes, now, picture in your mind’s eye a T-Rex. He’s standing in a clearing in the jungle having backed a small herbivore into a patch of vegetation. He raises himself up on strong hind legs, tilts his head to one side wilst bearing all of his magnificent teeth on his menacing grin and lets out a terrifying chirp, just like a bad ole parakeet! Paleontologists everywhere are laughing at ya, Buddy, King of the Tyrannical Dinosaurs my butt!

  2. I like that beaked dinosaurs are theorised to not have feathers.
    That means that dinos evolved beaks twice in their lineage when evolving into birds from predatory dinosaurs.

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