These are the characters that gave the Milky Way Galaxy all of its personality. Whether they’re saving the galaxy, trying to destroy it or working towards their own personal goals, these are the companions, friends, antagonists, allies and villains that made Bioware’s legendary RPG series so popular. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Mass Effect Characters.

00:31 #10. Legion
01:21 #9. Saren Arterius
02:17 #8. Mordin Solus
03:06 #7. The Illusive Man
03:58 #6. Liara T’Soni
04:35 #5. Urdnot Wrex
05:27 #4. Joker
06:10 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Thumbs up, love the Mass Effect series. My only complaint is Illusive Man. I agreed with Shepard when he said, why work for a man I don’t know? When he turned villain in 3, I just sat there and said to myself, “Of course.”. I’d rather replace him with either Lt. Adrian Victus or Conrad Verner. Reasoning for Victus is because of what he did in the two missions you work with him, you meet him at a crash site were he choose to avoid Reapers by going through ruins in Tuchanka, as said, he crashed. He was unfortunately out of his depth because he was promoted from the start by his father and was near to mutiny by his crew. The next mission is when he says that a Turian bomb was found by Cerberus, the group run by Illusive Man. In order to diffuse the bomb, he had to sacrifice himself by manually releasing the clamps holding the bomb, which launched him and the bomb in to a pit where he died. Sacrifice for the greater good is the best thing any soldier can do, he showed that in his mission. For Verner, if you played any Mass Effect game, you may know who I’m talking about. Conrad Verner is possibly without a doubt, the Stan Lee of Mass Effect. He can show up in each game in some random deadly situation. In 1, he wants to be the next human Spectre, in 2, he is trying to bust a bartender for drug dealing (She doesn’t sell drugs), in 3, he’s going to capture a hacker in a refugee camp, in all 3, he gets killed if you don’t intervene. It’s just silly as he is the only member of the Shepard fan club, which lives by a specific code, if you meet Shepard, you find true love or get killed. He does find love if you help out, if not, he gets shot, crushed, or run over. Talk about horrible life choices made. Those were my thoughts on who is better than Illusive Man, at least Kai Lang didn’t show up, in my eyes he is worse than Illusive Man.

  2. I’m cool with Garus being #2 but wtf is Mordin doing at #8?! Mordin’s amazing! He should at least be top 3

  3. Me: “* notices Liara as #6 * ah, ok… Wait… please don’t let #1 be Ashley… * sees #1 * oh thank GOD!!!”
    Also, I can accept Tali as #3, though she is my #1 ????

  4. Im sorry but Grunt is one of my favorites because i find him relatable to me being a hormonal teenage boy trying to find his path, i like him on a personal level, and he will always be one of my favorites. Thats just me though

  5. Illusive man is the best! Also I recommend reading his commic-book, it’s really cool and expands his origins.

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