Hey YouTube, Jim Here! Welcome to Top10Archive! If you discount the freak shows that are our oceans, we live amongst towering wonders that pale in comparison to the behemoths that once ruled the planet. Dinosaurs once towered like buildings made of flesh and blood and we’re here to showcase ten of the largest that once roamed Earth.

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10. Pachycephalosaurus
9. Eotriceratops Xerinsularis
8. Stegosaurus Ungulatus
7. Edmontosaurus
6. Shantungosaurus Giganteus
5. Oxalaia Quilombensis
4. Giganotosaurus
3. Spinosaurus
2. Supersaurus
1. Argentinosaurus

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  1. I’d imagine the Titanosaur to be larger than the Argent, but wow that 8 feet difference must sting.

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