Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! When Jurassic Park released – or Jurassic World, if you’re in the younger crowd – we fantasized what a world with dinosaurs would be like. Sure, it may be cool to have a baby triceratops running around, but what about the monstrosities that once ruled lands as their own? Beasts like the ten dinosaurs in this Archive that we’re more than glad didn’t resist extinction.

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10. Coelophysis bauri
9. Eocarcharia
8. Masiakasaurus
7. Mapusaurus
6. Dracorex
5. Utahraptor
4. Carnotaurus
3. Tyrannosaurus Rex
2. Giganotosaurus
1. Spinosaurus

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  1. Although Jurassic Park 3 was not that good when compared to the first 2 movies!!!… I have to say that the spinasoras, and I know I’m probably butchering that, sorry… Is pretty bad-ass!!!… Just think of the fight between it and the T-rex, it snapped Nastys neck like it was a twig!!!…?

  2. You know what is more freighting a hopping Tyrannosaur like a Kangaroo but it seems people don’t have the eye I do or common sense. I mean think about it a hopping T-rex leaping 100 feet or more landing it teeth in to its prey or the inaccurate version you all believe.

  3. Dinosaurs fascinate me,how about the top ten smallest but deadliest. Loving your uploads…big hug from Scotland 🙂

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