Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Since the early 1940s, almost 20 years before the first man went into space, programs across the globe used animals to test the viability of galactic travel. Even long after Yuri Gagarin’s milestone orbit of Earth in 1961, space programs have continued to send our furry friends beyond Earth’s orbit. Like the history of humans in space, animals have experienced their own milestones and disasters, the most notable of which chronicled in this installment of the Top 10 Times Animals Went into Space.

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10. The Fruit Flies
9. Albert II
8. Laika
7. Able and Miss Baker
6. Ham the Chimpanzee
5. Belka, Strelka, and Friends
4. Enos
3. Felicette
2. Veterok and Ugolyok
1. Arabella and Anita

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  1. I feel bad for these animals… But I guess it was necessary at one point, eh? Thanks for the vid.

  2. Putting the 2 spiders in2 so space just 2 see if they could spin webs in zero gravity, was pure genius. It just goes 2 show you that even the tiniest of things are able 2 adjust themselves 2 adapt 2 pretty much any environment.

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