Welcome to Top10Archive! Long before man took Earth as his own, it was ruled by prehistoric beasts. While we tend to gravitate towards dinosaurs when discussing the natural prehistory of our world, we shouldn’t overlook a creature just because it’s… well…odd looking. In this Archive, we’re jumping in a wormhole, back to the age of giants to find the ten creepiest prehistoric creatures.

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10. Platybelodon
9. Arandaspis
8. Aegirocassis
7. Giant Fleas
6. Anomalocaris
5. Attercopus
4. Meganeuropsis Permiana
3. Opabinia
2. Hallucigenia
1. Manipulator Modificaputis

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  1. Dear Haters of Top10Archive,

    Clickbait? The title CLEARLY says “Creepy Animals that Existed” and that’s exactly what the video was about. If everyone talking about the photo for the video (pardon I don’t know what is called) the reason they put it there to show how impressive the animals that were talked about in the video are. I absolutely adore this channel and therefore I will defend it to the end. Thank you for reading this “letter” and please be more considerate when commenting.

    A person who loves Top10Archive

  2. Okay thumbnail aside, I’m really glad that #1 is extinct. Like I can barely handle a single normal sized roach.

    • i have a really bad phobia for insects, worms and spiders.. i cant even handle a single ladybug

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