Welcome to Top10Archive! Space. The final frontier. The great unknown. It’s one of the greatest enigmas of our lifetime, sparking discovery missions since the early 1960s. While there were successes over the years, like Yuri Gagarin’s momentous voyage, there also have been devastating failures, like these ten failed space flights.

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10. Soyuz-U (2011)
9. Soyuz 7K-ST No. 16L (1983)
8. Soyuz 7K-T No. 39 (1975)
7. Gemini 8 (1966)
6. Soyuz 33 (1979)
5. Apollo 13 (1970)
4. Soyuz 1 (1967)
3. Soyuz 11 (1971)
2. Challenger (1986)
1. Columbia (2003)

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    • There are still Soyuz craft in service. I believe there is one scheduled for next month, actually. May be the Soyuz MS, but don’t quote me.

  1. Space is fake, nasa never landed on the Moon and the Earth is indeed flat. Iss is à joke

    • Top10Archive +++ I dont know if there is something like an edge or à firmament, all I know is : there is no curvature and the earth is motionless

    • The world can’t be flat. If it was, house cats would have already pushed everything over the edge.

  2. you forgot to mention at the ending of the video Kalpana Chawla was to be the first indian female to travel in space…

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