Welcome to Top10Archive! No matter how advanced we seem to get, there always seems to be something that we just can’t figure out. While astronomers have made incredible advances in space theories and knowledge about our own universe, there are still many unknowns that stump even the greatest of minds. We’re strapping our space suits on once again to explore these 10 amazing aspects of space that are still not very well understood.

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10. The Color of Jupiter’s Red Storm
9. Solar Polar Temperatures
8. Gamma-Ray Bursts and Supernovas
7. Missing Baryonic Matter
6. Dark Matter
5. The Sun’s Corona
4. Fast Radio Bursts
3. The Great Attractor
2. Dark Energy
1. The Big Bang Theory


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    • Thanks for the suggestion! We actually did this exact topic last year 🙂

      Stay tuned though, we have a few Christmas-related videos this year! 😀

  1. Answers: 10. It is red because it is hot. 9. They are really the same
    temperature, it was just a mistaken reading. 8. The bursts don’t come from
    supernovas at all, but from something else. 7. The missing baryonic matter
    are cloaked and are invisible to us. 6. Dark matter are ghosts and spirits,
    heaven and hell etc. 5. The surface is cooled down by mass. 4. Fast radio
    waves are communication from extraterrestrial life. 3. The Great Attractor
    is a myth and is just due to poor readings. 2. Dark energy is the same as
    dark matter, and is the energy of ghosts and spirits, etc. 1. The Big Bang
    never happened – we have always been and always will be, we just change

    • Hopefully you saw our video specifically about Saturn!

      We have an entire collection of space videos… and I just finished writing
      another yesterday! I wasn’t much of a galactic fiend until I started
      writing for the Archive.


    EDIT: ugh… Finally, Hey, Guys… Thanks for the vid! these Space ones are
    fantastic! 😀

    (Youtube kept giving me errors when I tried to comment, if you get repeated
    comments from me, blame them!)

  3. am i the only person who raises an eyebrow about “space discoveries”, for
    example how the hell can they tell us atmospheric conditions on planets we
    haven’t sent a probe to let alone visit but we just got color pics of Pluto
    in the last year……ijs

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