Since the 1940’s, the CIA has allegedly succeeded in killing a significant number of leaders around the world, either by pulling the trigger themselves, or by using local military to do the dirty work for them. Join us for 10 World Leaders Murdered by the US Government.

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  1. Amazingly I supported more of these than I thought I would. Terrorists and ruthless dictators being killed kinda prove that the USA CAN be a freedom fighter.

  2. Wait Murdered if the US assassinates someone it’s not a murder it is fucking heroism u liberal

  3. They say 9-11 was an inside job but the planes clearly hit the buildings from the outside. Debunked.

  4. Whether you deny it or not. The outside world made us the way we are this day and age. We were a nation on the other side of the world that wanted nothing to do with the outside world. We minded our own business until we got dragged into the First World War by European powers. Only then increasing our power and with slight influence. Then we get dragged into the Second World War by some stupid Asian who thought he could topple a nation that was around 20x larger than its original territory. Again this further increased our power and our influence greatly. So after that the president probably said fuck it because we are probably going to get dragged into another war and this time it would likely Russia as the cause. So if we are evil and bad and should stay out of other countries business, then why in God’s name do we have countries around the world begging us to stay in certain places? Trump wants out of NATO and we make over 50% of its troops.


  6. Never heard such a butchering of the name Trujillo before. It’s pronounced like Thrue-ee-yoh. Not Tru-ah-joe like you said lol.

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