Hey YouTube – Jim here! Do you recall the days of doing the Truffle Shuffle? Of hunting down One-Eyed Willies treasure? Then you’re either getting old or just a youngin’ with a great taste for good cinema!
The Goonies is a cult classic, a feel-good film that appeals to all ages, but did its success do anything for the child actors that made up the unique cast? Let’s do some informational treasure hunting and see what they’ve been up to in this very 80’s Where Are They Now!
Original Cast:
John Matuszak – Lotney “Sloth” Fratelli
Jeff Cohen – Lawrence “Chunk” Cohen
Jonathan Ke Quan – Richard “Data” Wang
Corey Feldman – Clark “Mouth” Devereaux
Josh Brolin – Branden “Brand” Walsh
Sean Astin – Michael “Mikey” Walsh

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Voice Over Talent:


  1. Attention Archivists!! We’ll be posting out of our normal sequence for the next week.. Instead of a video every other day, we’ll be posting a video EVERY DAY! Be sure to come back at 12pm EST for new videos! Also, unfortunately, we’ll be discontinuing our “Where Are They Now?” series on September 30th.. but we’ll be bringing in a new program (that will BLOW your mind!) some time in October/November!

    • Thanks for the criticism! You totally have us on the Firefly script.. we messed up on that one, haha.. For this video though, we actually agreed as a team to list the main cast, as to not stretch the video much past 5 minutes with a lot of side actors. It’s a tough decision to make on our part – do we briefly talk about everyone, or go more in-depth on the main cast? We’d love to make these videos longer, but analytics show that attention spans drastically drop off after 5 minutes.

      We decided to end our “Where Are They Now?” series for a couple of reasons.. The main reason being that it’s not what we’re best at, and not what most viewers request from us. There is a common saying, “Aces in their places.”, and we haven’t exactly listened to that birdie lately (I think most every YouTuber goes through that at some point).

      We decided to make a drastic change.. to go back to our roots.. to listen to you guys more.. and we’ve tightened up our game to bring in a new series that YouTube has never seen before.

    • Top10Archive Not to be a dick or anything, but given this video isn’t even the first time you guys had completely avoided including some important celebrities that had a major plot in the movie/tv show *coughs….. Firefly….. Cough* in this series of videos (quite possibly due to laziness or whatever BS you guys are gonna pull out of your butts), you guys might as well as this is not the kind of thing you guys should be covering.

  2. The goonies… One of the most overrated cult classics in my opinion. I downloaded that shit and watched the whole thing and after I finished it I was thinking what was the big deal about that shit.

    • Still in talks from what I hear.. :/ Most of the actors have expressed interest in being a part of a sequel, but as far as I know, production dates haven’t been set.. It seems like a lot of possible sequels from the 80’s and 90’s have fell short.. There is still talks about a 3rd “Bill and Ted” as well.. They’d be stupid NOT to make that movie.. Keanu expressed interest, and he’s been hot in Hollywood with John Wick.. I think it’s perfect timing..

  3. Oh my god I love love love this movie!!! Thank you so so very much for the “where are they now”!!!!! Please do more of these!!!!! I love it!!! My favorite!!!!!!!

    • We’re glad that you enjoyed them and we weren’t the only ones! We’re sad to see the series go, too, but we are working on bigger and better things that we’re positive that you’ll enjoy! I wish we could give out more information at this time, but we really want to blow everyone away with it 🙂 We’ve been working on it for the better part of 2 months, and will probably be a month before we’re finished.. We’re hoping to release episode #1 before Halloween.. All I can say is that the show will remind you of a spooky/mysterious show that was on TV in the late 90’s and you’ll be seeing a LOT more of Jim 🙂

    • Top10Archive oh no I really enjoyed them!!! But look so forward to the new series!!! Thank you so much for responding and letting me know… so greatly appreciated!!! ?

    • One of my favorite movies, too! 🙂 Unfortunately, these “Where Are They Now?” videos haven’t been that popular for us, so we’ll be discontinuing and airing our last episode on September 30th – but we’re making room for a new series that I guarantee you’ll like much more 🙂

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