With a rich history tracing back to prehistoric times and one of the most identifiable cultures on Earth, Japan is an absolute treasure-trove of intriguing facts. But it’s also home to a number of perplexing mysteries – from the purpose of spooky clay dolls to rumors of cursed swords.

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  1. Pertaining to the last one in particular; this is why and how religion gets so fucked up..and confusing.. and die hard.. and conflicting. Rewatch the last one and then think about how strange that us for that reigon. If that’s possible in that small region of Japan to believe the “real” Jesus fled to Japan and …. yadayadayadah… a whole religious sect was born I this region from that story. And the REAL man who ‘died for our sins’ was a stand in..from Japan? And this is another basis for yet another sect of Christianity…? As an unconfirmed Christian.. I’m tapping out. Former christian.. I doMt even know anymore after hearing this like this over and over.

  2. 2:45 “…from the Jomon period to the -Yaoi period?”

    I love what you all do, but God Damn is your pronunciation bad; spend 5 minutes looking up Japanese phonetics -it’s not very complicated.

  3. 12 years are missing in jezus’s life. Conclusion: Jezus was in Japan.

    Real hardcore science right there guys. Real hard core.
    Well done!


    • It could just be some of the Japanese converts trying to hide what little they had before the Shogunate came down to kill them all.

  4. So Jesus could of faked his death and went to Japan? I know Mormons believe that after he rose from the dead he came to America! But there’s no proof of that! If they have a story over there in Japan about Jesus it could make sense in a way! After all Jesus taught a lot of what Buddhism is about and Buddhism is older than Jesus time!

  5. This video simply made me salty, so many discoveries to be made, history to be enriched and the government/royal family decides to put their foot down. I just hope those cites were not damaged or looted/sold to in black market.

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