Welcome to Top10Archive! Whatever your thoughts may be about this 16th-century Spanish pastime, enough people must enjoy it to keep bullfighters in the ring, risking life and limb against unpredictable and dangerous animals. As trained as the best matador can be, accidents happen, as we’ll see in these ten public bullfights.

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10. The Bull’s Other Plans
9. The Youngest Bullfighter
8. 2014 World Series of Bullfighting
7. The Missed Opportunity
6. Oral Goring
5. Right Up Main Street
4. Twofer for Saul Fortes
3. Renatto Motta y el Toro
2. Fallen Spectators
1. Victor Barrio’s Last Fight


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  1. a little FYI, as cruel as this “sport” is, the bulls sent to the ring are next in line for the slaughter house bc they are too violent and can’t produce semen to impregnate the cows….. enjoy your steak and sausages everyone, ignorance truly is bliss

  2. Good for the bulls. If these macho men want to get their rocks off playing with bulls, let them go back to the Minoan sport of bull leaping – I would pay to see that.

  3. Although I didn’t watch the video, but I think any thing happen to these asholes whom they call them self bull fighters they deserve it & worse. And surely they suffer from some sort of psychological issues where they try to prove their machohood over these poor animals. I just don’t understand what sort of satisfaction these asholes or the primitive audience gain when they see the stressed animal going through trying to defend for his life. Nature has it laws & who ever break these law it will break them back. I don’t have the slightest pitying toward any fuking homo sapien asholes who engage them self in this sort of sick shows.

  4. LOL every single one of these guys deserved it. It is such a shame that these poo bulls have to go through this. I wish bull fighting was illegal…

  5. I hope each and every bull gores and kills anyone and everyone who takes part in or condones these disgusting events.

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