Welcome to Top10Archive! Google Earth is a marvelous tool, giving the average Joe a perspective of the world they wouldn’t normally get. As you spend countless hours virtually perusing our world through Google’s satellite application, keep an eye out and you may just stumble across something eerie and unexpected.. like these 10 creepy Google Earth findings.

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10. Come Downtown
9. S.S. Jassim
8. The Badland’s Guardian
7. Hungarian Jesus
6. Atomic Holes
5. The Naval Swastika
4. Hase of Artesina
3. MH370
2. The Kazakhstan Pentagram
1. Blood Lake



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  1. The Pentagram is connected to several religions and not just Satanism. Even
    if it’s used in Satanism, it’s also used in Neo-Paganism religions such as

  2. Testing at Nevada Test Site did not end until 1992. You can take a bus tour
    of the site, it’s free and creepy fun.

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