Top 5 Myths About Planet Earth

NASA has taught us a lot there’s still a lot of lies about Earth we believe. In this episode we’re asking all the big questions like; What’s the deal with tides? What is the tallest mountain in the world? Could you destroy an asteroid with a nuke? What is the biggest desert in the world? Did people really think the earth was flat? And more! So buckle up, because here’s the myths the discovery channel wont tell you about.

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  1. Dear America! The rest of the world uses metric system! please dont make us
    calculate. I have no idea how much is 22 inches. I’d kindly ask you to add
    meters when feet are mentioned.

  2. Everest also isn’t the tallest mountain above sea level either. Denali in
    Alaska from base to peak is taller than Everest, but Everest’s base starts
    well higher above sea level than does Denali, making its peak higher

  3. The example of definition of a desert is a little off in the video. The
    only thing that defines a desert is that it is very little percipitation in
    the area and that it’s barren. Though as a consequence of that it becomes
    more or less inhospitable (though sandy deserts have some flora and fauna).

  4. LONG LIVE FLAT EARTH baby. failed trash evil fake science and tech who?
    more lies and fake as usual for eg NASA LED.

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