Welcome to Top10Archive! When you’re engaged in your favorite sporting event, there is a chance you’re missing out on moments that could break the internet. Thanks to photographers and burst photography, worrying about missing out on these incredible instances is a thing of the past. In this sport-themed Archive, we’re looking at the 10 perfectly timed sports photos that honor still photography in the best ways and give us all something to marvel, and sometimes laugh at.

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10. Zombies in the Stands
9. The Flight of Rodman
8. Point of Impact
7. Dance-Off
6. Ballet Tryouts
5. Getting Doused
4. Sandy Long Jump
3. Cartwheels Across the Finish Line
2. Breaching the Surface
1. Epic Baseball Fight!

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  1. there have been stories of people dying after being doused with ice water after a grueling hot day. look it up, the internet never lies.

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