Welcome to Top10Archive! Through the course of the growth of humanity, science has worked to debunk things once considered factual. Despite the evidence against, there are still dated and fantastical scientific myths out there that people refuse to let go of. For various reasons, these top 10 myths are among the more unbelievable that people cling to.

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10. Men Are Sex-Obsessed
9. The Coriolis Force and Drains
8. A Full Moon Affects Behavior
7. Antibiotics are Great for Viral Infections
6. Water is a Natural Conductor
5. Lightning Never Strikes Twice
4. Blood Without Oxygen is Blue
3. A Dark Side of the Moon
2. We Only Use 10% of Our Brain
1. The Earth is Flat



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  1. The brain myth is actually said wrong most of the time, the actual myth
    says that we use 20% of our brains potential

  2. I’m fine with most of the myths you put on here, but saying flat earth is
    saying most people believe the earth is flat not round when in reality most
    people do believe it is round and a small group believe otherwise when its
    not possible, unless you hang out with that group then i suggest hanging
    out with new people.

  3. oh yes John tesh the radio narrator re hashes this all the time yes a lunar
    cycle does affect the body and there are things no one explain the force of
    the moon true about antibotics

  4. I just want to grab a person who believes the Earth is flat and take them
    to space then show them our planet, then ask “Does THAT look flat to you?!”

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