Top 5 Biggest Myths about NYC

The Big apple, NY, The Empire State, whatever you call it we’ve all heard these myths about NYC. In this episode we’re asking al the big questions about New York; Is everyone really rude? Was Manhattan bought for 24 dollars? What is the rudest city? Is New York the city that never sleeps? Is it hard to succeed in New York? Is it easy to get rich in New York? Is NY dangerous? It’s all here in this episode of Top 5 myths.

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  1. Actualy about the fact of Manhattan, from my knowledge, the indians sold
    the island for some alcohol, it may sound crazy, but in the native american
    language, the word “manhattan” is actualy a short sentence, meaning: the
    place where we got drunk, I read this stuff in a book.

  2. They treated me excellent when I was asking for directions, unlike
    Bostonians… so yeah, its a myth

  3. “city that never sleeps myth” I think you guys got it twisted a bit just
    cause the bars don’t sell after a certain time there’s still a lot of
    underground drug going on all the time

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