Top 5 Myths about Christmas

Chrimbo, Yule Time, the holidays, whatever you call it there’s plenty of lies about Christmas. In this instalment we’ll be looking at some of the biggest Christmas myths and asking the big questions like; Who were the three kings who visited jesus? Are suicide rates higher around christmas? who is Santa Claus? Why do we have Christmas Trees? When was Jesus really born? It’s all here in this episode of Watchmojo myths.

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  1. Ahhh this video makes me happy… I’ve known for years some of these facts,
    especially about the relation with pagan traditions and stories and Saint
    Nicolas. Saint Nicolas did give to the poor, but mostly to young women who
    could not afford dowries, or pre-marital gifts. According to most resources
    (but not all, everyone has a different take), Saint Nicolas did this to
    prevent these young women from the life of prostitution. Often times women
    who could not afford a dowry and marry were forced into this life. Because
    of this, some consider Saint Nicolas the Saint of Prostitutes. And as far
    as the tree goes, it is completely pagan, along with the time of the year.
    These now common trees were used in pagan times to protect their households
    from the gods who came to collect their meal of the unfaithful during the
    Winter Solstice. In pagan beliefs these trees deterred the gods with their
    pleasant scent

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