How did the Nazis celebrate Christmas? How fast would Santa have to travel to deliver all the presents? How did Christmas stockings save three girls from prostitution?

Check out 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas to find the answers to these questions you never realized you always wanted answers for.

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  1. The NAZI de-Christianization of Christmas is almost exactly what the
    left/liberals/progressives are currently doing in US, most recently the
    Beverton, Oregon banning of Santa.

  2. Der Fuhrer does not know how to Christmas. Jesus forgave for a lot of
    things…Until that abomination spawned. What even was that? I dare you to
    try and trim my tree with that. I’ll shove it so far up your ass the Fourth
    Reich will feel it.

  3. Never had presa Christmas present………… Maybe once 20 years ago piece
    of chocolate or something. Over here Christmas isn’t related to presents.
    Maybe for some immigrants or something don’t hang around with those though.
    Number 1 shows this channel doesn’t do it’s homework.

  4. Rudolph,s nose is from the northern lights magic(1980 movie)not by
    something of the physical world(if i sound grouchy i,m sorry its other
    things not this).

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