President Donald Trump may make some bold claims but is the president really as powerful as we think? Unsurprisingly, movies like Deep Impact, Olympus Has Fallen, Wag the Dog and Hunger Games give some pretty absurd president incarnations, but we’re finding the truth. Is the president all-powerful? Can the president start a war? Is the president the leader of the free world? Can Trump launch a nuke? Can Trump undo everything Barack Obama put in place? Do presidents lie? These myths are about to get busted.

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  1. “Article 2 Empowers the President to unilaterally initiate war.”

     I’m not sure if this was poorly worded, but he can, actually. He cannot declare war, but under the War Powers resolution, the President has to notify Congress 48 hours before committing troops to military action but those troops cannot remain after 60 days.

  2. You know who the leader of the free world is? Nobody, because there isn’t truly a free world, since nobody knows what countries are a part of it, I mean, if I would occupy most of Europe and crown myself the emperor of the Unholy Roman Empire (no religious non-sense), I wouod be the leader of the URE, but there is no good description for “Free World”, and if it exists, a militairy and corrupt dictatorship really isn’t the leader. What is so democratic about a nation where people are elected for their money, never keep their word and invade any nations that aren’t the same, so they can turn it into another puppet?

  3. WatchMojo, could you do a top ten of old people fights on television. It would be interesting to see what is out there…

  4. Merkel is not the leader of the free world, Merkel is barely suitable to lead a kindergarten class let alone a country, a province or a state. I’d rather rally behind Trump then bend my ass to a mud slime invader that illegally comes in the western world thanks to isis puppet Merkel

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the chancellor of Germany the one who let in all the refugees from the middle east which led to a dramatic rise in rape in her country?

  6. This video would have been a perfect opportunity to use a House of Cards clip of Frank saying: “Sometimes I think the presidency is the illusion of choice.”

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