For whatever reason everyone (especially CBS) has it in for the millennial generation. As such there’s a plethora of Ted talks, comedy shows, and know-it-alls that seem to have something to say about them. In this episode of Top 5 Myths we’re asking all the big questions like; Why do they share everything online? Do Millennials have a sense of entitlement? Are Millennials too dependant on their parents? Why are they so promiscuous? Why aren’t Millennials interested in Marriage? and many more!

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  1. JUVENOIA: The fear or  hostility directed by an older generation toward a younger one, or toward youth culture in general

  2. fuck millenials and fuck you mojo. Millenials top 10 myths. wtf! i only clicked on the video to leave a comment. It’s playing in the background…..Honestly everything they say about millenials is true. they are lazy unappreciated spoiled brats.

  3. ROFLMAO. You start off asserting you can’t generalize about them, and then proceed to generalize them as “the most diverse generation”. And the very idea you can’t generalize a group is ludicrous. You most certainly can. You may not like being generalized in the ways you go on to “disprove”, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

    You assert “you can’t generalize AND speak accurately”…but the direct implication in this assertions is that a generalization is universally applicable to all members… THIS IS NOT WHAT A GENERALIZATION IS. Generalizations have a built in acknowledgement of exception. They are applicable to a majority of the group, and if so, are accurate GENERALIZATIONS, even if they are not accurate to every single individual within that group. I swear, millennials consistently fail to understand this fact (yes, I’m generalizing 😛 suck it up buttercup)

    Myth #4 you don’t actually disprove. You assert that people who have lived longer have had more sexual partners (surprise), and that millennials opt to marry later, yet don’t actually provide any numbers on marriage rates. The myth isn’t that they refuse to marry, it is that they are less inclined to do so.

    Myth #3 Again, you point to current rates for Baby boomers to “disprove” the myth… ignoring the work Baby Boomers have put in to EARN their positions. 62% and 66% of millennials and baby boomers desire to work from home, but the baby boomers have EARNED that perk, while the millennials demand it despite not having EARNED it… as the myth asserts. You’re again not disproving the myth, you’re demonstrating it to be true.

    Myth #2 again you don’t address the generalization. It was that you share everything online… you then proceed to argue that they do value direct contact/communication…. which was never what was in question.

    And then you generalize positive attributes about millennials (they are better able to use the internet responsibly), despite having started your video asserting it was impossible to generalize millennials.

    Myth #1 Students living in dorms are still living on their parents dime, dependent on them. So it is reasonable to include them as such. Furthermore, their being “the most educated generation” does not make them not dependent on their parents, or not lazy. Again, not proof the myth is inaccurate. In fact, the arguments throughout this video have been incredibly lazy.

  4. Pretty much all of these are accurate to a millennial, besides the exceptions which i am sure there are many many exceptions. Watch Mojo please do not get into Social Justice Warrior videos then you have to fore go thought.

  5. You haven’t really disproved anything. You just twist the topic and lead it in another direction. For example, number 3.

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