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Ancient Egypt has many mysteries – The Pyramids, sphinxes, Hieroglyphs, mummies, pharaohs, ankhs, EGYPTIAN GOD CARDS, Slaves, Sarcophagus, and so on. But how much of what we think we know about this mysterious place is bullshit? This episode of Top 5 Myths asks questions like Was Cleopatra beautiful? Did Napoleon shoot the nose off the sphinx? When a pharaoh died were the servants buried with him? did Egyptians invent hieroglyphs? Did Slaves build the pyramids? and many more!

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  2. I’d just like to make a comment about the hieroglyphs fact. It is actually still considered one of four pristine scripts by most scholars, pristine meaning the idea of writing was invented by the people who used the script and not appropriated by them from another culture, especially because of the vast differences in signs between Egyptian hieroglyphs and Mesopotamian cuneiform, the only script debatably older than hieroglyphs. There is also some evidence for the development of hieroglyphs in the tomb of a pre first dynasty ruler, tomb u-j, and in shards of pottery from the time.

  3. Be careful, modern Egyptologists are not open to any sort of consideration that their established past isn’t what they really think it is

  4. The Sphinx’s nose was actually broken by a worker who was distracted by Aladdin and Jasmine riding on a magic carpet singing a love ballad.

  5. They think they’re slick using terragenesis music not thinking anyone would notice?

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