2016 hasn’t only been the year of killer clowns, bad news and dead celebrities… there have actually been a few feel-good stories in amongst the mayhem.

So from selfless kids to thoughtful bikers, here are 10 news stories to remind you of the goodness in the world.

What did you think of 10 News Stories to RESTORE Your Faith In Humanity – 2016? Let us know in the comments.

Watch 10 News Stories That Will DESTROY Your Faith In Humanity 2016

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  1. The high school graduation story was in a great but small town that I lived
    in years ago! My one friend’s daughter was one of the graduation
    participants. It was pretty amazing!

  2. omg that’s so funny! A teen that will only drink from one cup?! You would
    have to be as retarded as a plant to do that! lol.

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