Top 10 Reasons 2016 Was THE WORST
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From the moment David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey and many more celebrities died in January, many people decided 2016 was a shitty year. But then came a lot of other things that made 2016 terrible. Between the earthquakes in Italy, ISIS, Zika and the United States Presidential Election, there were a lot of horrible things about 2016. WatchMojo counts down ten reasons 2016 was the worst year ever. Don’t worry; it’s almost over…

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00:38 #10: Brexit
01:44 #9: Earthquakes in Italy
02:39 #8: Fort McMurray Wildfire
03:34 #7: Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting
04:39 #6: Zika
05:40 #5: Police-Involved Shootings of Civilians
06:45 #4: ISIS
07:46 #3, #2 & #1???

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  1. @WatchMojo Lois Duncan, author of the YA novel “I Know What You Did Last
    Summer” and many more YA horror novels also passed away this year… why do
    I seem like the only person who remembers that?

  2. I didn’t expect to cry to a Watchmojo video. As soon as I heard “Heroes”, I
    lost it. R.I.P. to all.

  3. why the hell did you mention fidel castro as a politician we will miss?
    he is the reason of the misery cuba and venezuela are facing

  4. so a handful of famous corpses are more tragic than thousands of people
    killed by terrorists? alright then.

  5. Woah watchmojo what the actual fuck… Did you guys really state that the
    very worst of 2016 are celebrity deaths????
    Thats so fucking disrespectful. We all regret our idols death, but why on
    earth does those deaths matter more that the ones caused by isis, the
    earthquakes and all the truely fucked up shit that happened during this
    past year? I dont understand… I used to consider your vídeos pretty
    accurate and serious, that used to inform us in a both fun and solid way.
    Im a big fan of your work guys, but this top10 just made me loose that
    feeling… Im sorry

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