Although microscopic, diseases can be highly infectious and cause painful deaths.

From the plague that killed up to 60% of the people in Europe, to Spanish Flu that wiped out 50 million people worldwide, AllTime10s brings you 10 Diseases That Could Wipe Out Humanity.

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  1. HIV doesn’t have the capacity to eradicate the human populations
    MRSA poses a greater treat worldwide with the development of antibiotic
    resistant hospital acquired bacterial infections,hospitals generate
    resistant diseases which can easily make their way into the general
    population first affecting those with compromised immune system,were
    reaching a point where oh so many drugs can be produced for specific
    diseases,a race against pathogen evolution
    Read up on herd immunity fools

  2. Ha I had swine flu back when it was a big concern and it wasn’t bad at all.
    Strep throat is 10 trillion times worse

  3. i live in south africa which is good because we only have 2 bad diseases
    HIV and TB the good thing about TB is only if u cough alot u will die and
    still if u go to a doctor u can get medication for it

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