Welcome to Top10Archive! Tucked between Australia and China lies a mess of islands amidst the Indian Ocean. Right in the middle of it all is Indonesia, a tropical nation that just so happens to be the next stop on our Top 10 journey across the globe. We’ll uncover the history, local culture, and incredible people that make up this beautiful country with these top 10 amazing facts about Indonesia! As the locals say… uh… Saya harus berlatih Bahasa Indonesia saya.

10. Tropical Wildlife
9. Cuisine of Indonesia
8. The Fame of Indonesia
7. Indonesian Attractions
6. Volcanoes of Indonesia
5. Indonesian Islands
4. World Records of Indonesians
3. The Monsters of Indonesia
2. Early People of Indonesia
1. Gaining Independence


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  1. Fun Fact, Indonesia has a pretty large Otaku and Cosplay Community. Two Indonesians won first place at The World Cosplay Summit last year in Japan.

  2. Uh wow i didn’t expect to see this on my notifications.. kinda surprised me in a way and thanks for the video anyway

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