Can mice help you live forever? Are tigers roaming arund Australia. Could robots be the future of pizza delivery? If you want the answers those questins and more, join us as we catach up on 10 News Stories You Missed This Week.

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  1. jeez, if the FBI were to use my license photo to try to connect me to a crime, as soon as they came to arrest me, they’d be like “oh, sorry ma’am, we have the wrong address.” XD Honestly, I’m not worried about it because I can imagine, while they can use it to recognize you, there are many many other factors to consider, and simply trying to make a case based on a photo that kiiiiiinda looks like you would be a moot point. FBI or Joe down the road, that would never make it past day one in court. what does make it a little unnerving for me, maybe because I’m paranoid and have heard way too much about the deep web, is even people in the FBI can be *gasp!!* corrupt. with a few clicks, your info is all over the depths of hell – I mean internet, and some sleaze ball out there just got their hands on it. you’re welcome.

  2. I think this was very insightful. #3 I think is awful and hunters shouldn’t have the right to do that. #1 however is very true and the government does much more than just that and they should have no right to and really don’t have the right to because they don’t have our consent to conduct such actions but it happens anyway. Those of you who think these things are some April fools joke are, I’m sorry to tell you, in denial and that’s just how they want you to be. Ignorant.

  3. Of course America would let people kill sleeping bears and kill them from a place where they can’t even be scared away if the bear wakes up. Stupid bastards

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