Welcome to Top10Archive! The more we unlock about our pre-history, the more incredible the world seems before our age of electronics. Though researchers work countless hours to unravel the mysteries of the most ancient civilizations, there are still those creations that we just can’t wrap our heads around. Whether it’s an invention that seems impossible for its time or something that doesn’t have any known meaning, in this Archive we’ll be exploring the top 10 ancient artifacts and creations that left us stumped!

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10. Swords
9. Nazca Lines
8. Greek Fire
7. Lady of Elche
6. The Copper Scroll of the Dead Sea
5. Baghdad Battery
4. Stonehenge
3. The Incan Aircraft
2. The Shroud of Turin
1. Al Ubaid Lizard People Statues

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  1. Shroud of Turin is a fake. The Catholic church fabricated it to stir up more faith in the gullible.

  2. u 4got about the roman colosseum.we still don’t know how they made their cement so strong and what they put in it.even the cement we have and make today doesnt come close.

    • I do believe they found the recipe for Roman Cement in the past few years, actually.

  3. the golden little planes are just the incans impression on animals.birds,fish n shit.the replica plane they made they fukn cheated to make it fly.look carefully at the wings,they had to make it abit thicker and curvier at the top 4 it to take off.

  4. For all we know humans could be part alien and put here to see are evolution it’s possible

  5. Modern blacksmiths might just be a little dumber and unskilled compared their ancient counter parts.

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