Whether pure coincidence or something more devious at work, we bring you 10 hugely successful billion dollar ideas that may well have not be created by those who have profited incredibly from them.

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  1. Ok, Apple one is BS, guy drew a device he saw in Star Trek with no actual specifications for the device and what technology will it use and now wants money, I do not like Apple, but by the logic this guy is using I can submit my kid drawings as patents and demand money when someone makes something similar.

  2. moral of the story : if you want to be a billionaire steal someone else’s idea and settle out of court for peanuts

    and people still believe in the lie that our system is a meritocracy

  3. How do you know its 10 billion dollars ideas? Maybe its 11, or 25, or even a trillion!! Did you just assume the price of the ideas?!

  4. also microsoft had been recorded for copying source code of linux and also windows 10 gui featers are extremily similar to ubuntu 16.4

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