This week it has been announced that E-Sports is becoming an official sport at the Asian Games! Could the Olympics be next?

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  1. So what if video gaming does become an Olympic sport? It’s not like it’s gonna hurt anyone. If you don’t like it, then just don’t watch it.

  2. this is just a disrespect to olympic athlete. You call sitting on your ass all day a sport? Athlete train almost everyday and have strict diet. These gamer eat whatever they want and do shit.

  3. LISTEN. E-sports are not fucking sports.. And the guys that play them are not athletes. Cmon people!! you are making the human race look stupid

  4. It sounds sooooo retarded to hear “video games in the Olympics”. Tbh, watching “pro” gamers play a game is boring. It’s funner to watch an athlete doing amazing PHYSICAL things.

  5. ─────────────────────────█─█

    lol no

  6. I’m all for games but to make it as Olympic sport? Not quite Olympic, better stay away with that.

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