Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world, raking in a global net income of $45.69 billion every year. But, behind all that success, dark secrets lurk. From heartless factory conditions to dodgy collection of user data… this is 10 Shocking Secrets About Apple.

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  1. the thing worth thinking about is what if your a passenger in a car or bus and still not be able to facetime? you know how many deaths are caused a year from texting or even messing with the radio? my guess is more then facetime

  2. Number 2 is kinda dumbly explained: The devices are not designed to break, but the company makes them unusables with their system updates.

  3. They didn’t include the no facetime while driving feature because they wanted passengers to be able to use facetime too

  4. Including number six was such a shallow thing to do. Are you guys over at Altime 10s retarded? Or do you guys only care about views? The reason the FaceTime driving feature wasn’t included was because it would also make it so passengers couldn’t use facetime… DUH! Is it really that hard to understand?

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