Welcome to Top10Archive! You’ve finally saved up enough money to get the gaming computer of your dreams, but you find yourself met with a myriad of choices. Take a deep breath and pay attention as we cover the top 10 best gaming computers for your buck.

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10. Alienware Aurora R5

9. Digital Storm Bolt 3

8. Cybertron PC Titanium

7. Origin Chronos

6. Alienware Area-51

5. Origin Millennium

4. Maingear X-Cube Z170

3. Maingear F131 X99 Super Stock

2. Overclockers Asteroid

1. Falcon Northwest Tiki


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  1. i like how you added alienware. that company that has sucked for so many
    years. i can build a pc a lot cheaper and still get better performance then
    any of this crap.

  2. I don’t know why people want to push the gaming pc so hard into making
    people buy them. pc is for lonely people and theres few people playing on
    pc. ill buy a console any day of my life instead of a pc. pc sucks to play
    games. consoles are more close to pc graphics and cpu power than ever
    before this generation and generations to come. who the hell needs a pc
    when consoles are way better to play on.

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